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Cover Vehicles up to 15yrs & 150,000 Miles (at start of cover)
Claims Limit up to Purchase Price of Vehicle
We offer a FREE 12 Month in House Warranty
Also, Life of Ownership Trade Discount on all parts & Labour

Warranty Assist
We also Offer a FREE independent Nationwide 12 Month GOLD Warranty with Warranty Assist

WarrantyAssist - Gold Cover

Our Warranty is designed to contribute to the repair of your failed component (part) on your newly purchased Used Vehicle. It's not to increase the value of your vehicle replacing used parts for new.

Please read your Warranty Schedule and this Warranty Cover Document, especially "What's Covered" and the "Claims Procedure". The cover document clearly states what's covered, primarily the major mechanical parts. We are not able to cover every component on your vehicle.


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Warranty Summary

  • Durations: 3, 6, 12 or 24 months
  • Claim Limit: Value of the vehicle
  • Only Components (Parts) listed are covered
  • 30 day Gradual Deterioration exclusion on all Warranties
    (unless the option to remove this was taken up)
  • Serviceable items are NOT COVERED

Check your individual terms as laid out in your schedule:

- Excess applicable (this applies for each component repaired)

- Hourly labour rate & contribution applicable

- Parts contribution applicable

- Any additional Upgrade Options selected - £250 Claim Limit

Claims Summary

Claims Telephone Number: 0844 417 0157

Claims Procedure:

- To find a garage or start a claim call and select option 1

- To follow up a claim decision or refund, option 2

You must provide:

  • Diagnostic Report with estimate costs
  • Current MOT cert (Copy) or MOT Number
  • Proof of Last Service (According Manufacturers Schedule)

You pay for the approved repair and diagnostic cost, then claim back from Warranty Assist (No work will start without your approval and contributions agreed)

What this Warranty Covers

Only components approved by the manufacturer and fitted by their agents are covered. Any component not specifically mentioned is not covered.

What's covered? (click to expand)


Alternator, electric window motors, engine cooling fan motors, horn, indicator flasher relay, and sunroof motor / hydraulics.

Electronic control units (ECUs) & computers

The engine management ECU and any other computers that directly control your vehicle's alarm and immobilisation functions, that were originally fitted to your vehicle when it was first manufactured are covered (upgraded or revised software and firmware, including software and firmware patches and updates, relating directly or indirectly to any components of your vehicle and any retro-fitted ECUs & computers are not covered.)

Braking system

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) pump & control unit, calipers, master & wheel cylinders, pressure reducing & proportioning valves, and vacuum servo.


Clutch cable, master & slave hydraulic cylinders and pedal assembly

Cooling systems

Engine cooling water radiator, heater radiator, thermostat & housing, viscous cooling fan couplings and water pump.


All internally lubricated parts are covered including:

Camshafts & bearings, camshaft followers & rockers (including hydraulic lash adjusters), connecting rods & bearings, crankshaft & bearings, cylinder block, cylinder bores & liners & seals, cylinder heads, internal bushings & bearings, oil pump & drive, pistons & rings, timing gears, chain, tensioner, valves, springs & guides (burnt or pitted valves and valve seats are not covered).

Braking system

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) pump & control unit, calipers, master & wheel cylinders, pressure reducing & proportioning valves, and vacuum servo.

The following engine parts are also covered:

Crankshaft pulley and cylinder head gasket.

Camshaft drive belts are covered as follows:

Camshaft drive belts and tensioners (subject to documented proof that the last due change of camshaft drive belt has taken place as specified by the manufacturer's recommended servicing schedule).

Flywheels & drive plates

Flexible drive plate for the automatic transmission's torque converter, solid & dualmass flywheels (flywheels damaged by clutch friction plates are not covered) and starter ring gear.

Fuel system

Air flow sensors and meters, fuel gauge sender unit, fuel pressure regulators & accumulators, fuel pumps (including pre-pumps, low, high pressure pumps & injection pumps), injectors (including petrol, diesel & single-point injectors.


(Including automated manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, four wheel drive transfer gearboxes, hybrid transaxles, manual gearboxes and transaxles.

Ignition system

Camshaft sensors, crankshaft sensors and ignition coils.

Oil Seals and Gaskets

The engine crankshaft rear oil seal and the main gearbox input shaft oil seal are both covered and other oil seals and gaskets that would necessitate the removal of the engine, a gearbox or a final drive unit to carry out repairs are all covered subject to any oil leak from them being sufficiently advanced that oil can be seen to be dripping (slight leaks causing only oil misting or staining are not covered).


Column shaft & tilt mechanism & couplings, hydraulic pumps & reservoir & pressure pipes, steering & idler boxes, rack and pinion assembly (including hydraulic rams and electric motors) and track rods & track rod ends


Wheel bearings


(including front & centre & rear differentials, front & rear live axles and drive shafts.)

Constant velocity joints, crown wheels & pinions, differential gears & thrust washers, external drive shafts, internal bushes & bearings (including wheel bearings) & shafts, internal parts of differential locking mechanisms, propeller shafts & propeller shaft couplings & centre bearings and universal joints.


Turbocharger units

Additional Upgrade Options available

Terms and Conditions

Definitions (click to expand)


The following terms have the same meaning throughout this document:

Breakdown means the sudden and unexpected failure of a component arising from any permanent mechanical or electronic fault, which causes the component to stop working, and means that it needs repairing or replacing before it will work properly.

Component means any mechanical, electrical or electronic part which formed part of the vehicle when it was new, and is listed in the schedule of covered components.

Customer schedule means the schedule attached to, and forming part of this Warranty, and detailing the cover that you have.

Component Excess means the amount you must pay towards each individual claimed component that has been approved by the Warranty Assist claims department.

Repair contribution means the amount that you must pay towards each repair as confirmed in your customer schedule.

Vehicle means the vehicle mentioned in the customer schedule

We, us, our means the Dealer who sold you and or serviced your vehicle You, your, yourself means the purchaser named within the customer schedule.

The administrator means Warranty Assist Limited who will administer the warranty on our behalf.

What is covered (click to expand)


We (the dealer who sold you and /or serviced your vehicle) have provided your warranty and this applies in addition to your legal rights as a consumer. This document explains how your warranty works. Please make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions relating to the warranty and always keep this document in your vehicle, along with your customer schedule. Your warranty will be administered by Warranty Assist. (the administrator). You may contact Warranty Assist in writing, write to Warranty Assist, PO Box 8180, Reading, RG30 9JU

Repair Following Breakdown (click to expand)

We will pay for the cost of repairing the vehicle detailed on the customer schedule up to the limit detailed in the customer schedule following the breakdown of any covered component. We will not pay for the repair or replacement of components, which have not suffered a Breakdown, for example, components fitted as a result of your vehicle being serviced or which were faulty prior to the commencement of this warranty. Your customer schedule details the scope of your warranty. Please see the section ""what is not covered' for full details of what we will not cover.

Other Benefits (click to expand)

The warranty includes the following benefits.

Vehicle Recovery

We will pay for the cost of recovering the vehicle to the nearest Garage following breakdown of any component up to £75 reimbursements including VAT.

Overseas Use

This warranty covers repairs undertaken in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If you use your vehicle overseas for less than 60 days per year this protection is extended to cover repairs carried out overseas. You will have to pay the repairer direct and request reimbursement from the administrator.

What is not covered (click to expand)

We will not pay for repairing or replacing any parts that we specifically state are not covered or any parts that are not listed in the schedule of parts. Also, we will not pay for costs caused by, arising from, or connected with, the following.

  1. The repair contribution applicable to the warranty as stated in your customer schedule.
  2. Within the first 30 days of your warranty starting we will not cover;
    • (a) Breakdown of any part / component which has deteriorated due to the passage of time alone and not a sudden failure will not be covered.
    • (b) Damage to any covered part caused by breakdown of a non covered part where the breakdown of that non-covered part is caused primarily or in whole by wear and tear.
  3. Breakdown or damage caused by the use of incorrect or contaminated fuel, oil, lubricant, coolant or other fluid.
  4. Vehicles that are or have been used for competitive purposes including but not limited to; rallying, racing, time trials, pacemaking. Vehicles that have been used for hire or reward, as a taxi, by a driving school, for commercial delivery purposes such as despatch or delivery courier, vehicles that are used off-road.
  5. Any loss arising from your failure to have the vehicle serviced in accordance with the conditions of this warranty, or lack of routine maintenance as detailed in your Servicing Handbook, or through failure to use the manufacturer's recommended type, grade and quality of engine oil or where the cambelt has not been changed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.
  6. Any loss where the odometer has been tampered with or altered or disconnected.
  7. Repair or replacement of components which have not suffered a Breakdown or the replacement of any components to enable your Vehicle to pass the Government Vehicle Testing Requirements (MOT).
  8. The cost of any exploratory, investigation or dismantling work not associated with a covered repair.
  9. Any repairs or replacement, loss or damage or liability, which is covered by any other existing warranty or guarantee, or any form of consequential loss, faulty design, or faults which are the subject of a recall by the manufacturer.
  10. Oil leaks that are not specifically mentioned as covered or oil leaks where there is only evidence of oil marking and staining and no oil is dripping from a joint or seal or when repairs to rectify the oil leak do not necessitate the removal of the engine, transmission or final drive unit.
  11. Damage to covered components caused by frost or the freezing of liquids, worn friction materials (including a worn clutch friction plate damaging a flywheel), or corrosion.
  12. Breakdown (including repeat repairs) or damage caused by poor workmanship or faulty parts.
  13. The repair or replacement of components which were faulty or had suffered a breakdown prior to the start of the warranty.
  14. Service and maintenance related parts including (but not limited to) anti-freeze, brake drums, brake discs, brake fluid & brake friction materials (brake pads & brake shoes), clutch covers, clutch friction plates, clutch release bearings, exhaust pipes & exhaust pipe gaskets, filters, grease, oils, sparking plugs, refrigerants, and tyres.
  15. Burnt or worn out clutch components, burnt or carbonised valves.
  16. Any faults, damage or connected loss arising from errors, viruses, omissions or defects in any application or systems software.
  17. Vehicles which are owned temporarily or otherwise (resulting from trade-in or acquisition for the purpose of resale) by a business formed for the purpose of selling or servicing motor vehicles.
  18. Any liability for death, bodily injury or damage to other property or to other components of the vehicle, or any connected loss of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly from mechanical breakdown.
  19. The cost of the contribution applicable for any repairs made under the warranty as specified in the customer schedule.

Conditions (click to expand)

This warranty is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Servicing - In order to maintain the validity of your warranty repairer and look after the Vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer's Servicing Handbook and ensure that the manufacturer's recommended type, grade and quality of engine oil is used. To prove this you should make sure the garage fills in and stamps your Servicing Handbook. You should also keep all service invoices (which you must ensure detail the exact oil specification used) as you must verify that correct servicing has been completed when repairs are made under the warranty. You should also ensure that the cambelt is changed in line with manufacturer's recommendations (documented proof of this will be required in the event of a claim for cambelt failure). A maximum allowance of 30 days or 1,000 miles (whichever occurs first) in excess of the manufacturer's stipulated time or mileage for scheduled servicing is permitted.
  2. Procedure for recovery of repairs - This procedure is detailed on page 10.
  3. You must follow this procedure, failure to do so may result in non-reimbursement of your repair.

  4. Repair Authorisation - No repairs are to be commenced until the Administrator has given authorisation and an authorisation number obtained.
  5. Investigation Costs - It is your responsibility to give the repairer permission to commence exploratory, investigation or dismantling work and to pay the costs if such work proves that the fault is not our responsibility. Any exploratory, investigation or dismantling costs will only be reimbursed if they are part of a valid repair.
  6. Use of Engineers - we reserve the right to instruct an independent engineer to inspect your vehicle before authorising any repair. When this right is exercised we shall have no liability for any loss to you arising from any possible delay. Should you decide to give permission to the repairer to commence repairs, without an authorisation number being obtained from the administrator, you do so in the full knowledge that we may not meet the cost of your valid repairs because you have denied us our right to inspect the vehicle prior to its repair.
  7. Contribution - It is not the intention, implied or otherwise, of the warranty to make new vehicles from old. In certain circumstances where replacement components are fitted to replace old worn components which have suffered a breakdown and this results in your vehicle being in a better condition than it was before the breakdown, you are required to pay a contribution towards the cost of the repairs. For vehicles older than 6 years or with more than 60,000 recorded miles this warranty will provide cover based upon the limits detailed in the customer schedule and in accordance with the following table based upon vehicle age and mileage at time of failure.
  8. Contribution Scale:
    Age or MileageYour Repair Contribution
    (Parts & Labour)
    Up to 6 Years or 60,000 miles0%
    Over 6 Years or 60,000 miles15%
    Over 7 Years or 70,000 miles25%
    Over 8 Years or 80,000 miles40%
    Over 9 Years or 90,000 miles 50%

    (N.B. The mileage limits as stated above are the total miles from the date of the vehicle's first registration for use on the road).

    Option to purchase 100% Parts & Labour Contribution available at start of cover (only available to vehicles with less than 110,000 miles), contact Warranty Assist for more information.

  9. Return of Warranty Cost - No return of your warranty charge can be made if a repair has been accepted under the warranty or if you sell the vehicle.
  10. Transfer of warranty - You may transfer the warranty to the new owner provided that you have paid the Transfer fee as stated in your warranty summary.
  11. Fraud - If any repair request is found to be fraudulent or if any fraudulent means or devices have been used by you or anyone acting on your behalf we will not repair your vehicle or return any costs.
  12. Cancellation - we may cancel the warranty by sending 14 days notice in writing direct to you by Recorded Delivery to your last known address. A proportionate return of your warranty charge will be given.
  13. If, having purchased a warranty through a Warranty Assist registered Dealer and you decide that you do not want it after all, simply contact the selling dealer within 14 days of inception date.
  14. Renewal of cover - When your Warranty expires you may be able to obtain an extension to this Cover. You will need to contact the Administrator before your warranty expires and provide a copy of your customer schedule. Please call Warranty Assist on 0808 208 2390 or write to them at the address on page 3 of this warranty document.
  15. Using your information for marketing purposes - Warranty Assist may use your information in order to select and tell you about products and services available from them or from other companies in their Group that may be of interest to you. We may share your information with Warranty Assist for analysis, marketing purposes or so that they may contact you about their own products or services. Warranty Assist may also use your information to tell you about products and services that they can introduce from selected businesses outside their Group. If a supplier passed your application to us then we may pass your information to them for possible further business with you. Warranty Assist may also pass your information to agencies carrying out market research.
  16. You have the right at any time to ask us not to contact you or give your details to others for these purposes. You may write to us at Customer Care Department, Warranty Assist, PO Box 68611, London E15 9DL, if you wish us to stop. You also have the right at any time to ask us not to telephone you for sales purposes. Again you may write to our Customer Care Department if you wish us to stop.
  17. Telephone calls - Some telephone calls may be monitored or recorded. This is only for the purposes of maintaining and improving service standards or for training staff.
  18. English Law-In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, English Law will apply.

What do I do in the event of a failure - Claims Procedure

3 Step Claims Summary

Stop driving the car as soon as you are aware of an issue

Step 1

Call Warranty Assist's repairers, Motor Angel, on 0844 417 0157 - Option 1

Step 2

Motor Angel will book you into an approved workshop within 5-10 miles of your location.

Step 3

Motor Angel will compile and send claim paperwork to Warranty Assist.

Complaints and Arbitration

How to make a complaint

We hope that you will be pleased with the service we provide. In the unlikely event of a complaint, you should contact Warranty Assist in the first instance on 0808 208 2390

or in writing to:

Warranty Assist, PO Box 8180, Reading, RG30 9JU.

The above rights are in addition to your legal rights as a consumer

This warranty is administered by Warranty Assist.

Warranty Assist, PO Box 8180, Reading, RG30 9JU

Phone: 0808 208 2390

Fax: 0118 332 0040

Email: sales@epgwarrantyassist.com

Operated by


Claims Procedure in Detail

Prevent further damage

You should use all reasonable means and precautions to protect your vehicle from further damage. We will not pay for repairs caused by your failure to look after your vehicle.

If you experience a fault with your vehicle, please contact Warranty Assist Administration Department 0844 417 0157.

Our Network Repair Partner Motor Angel will carry out the work unless your selling dealer have a repair facility in which case they can do the work.

Warranty Assist operate a “Pay and Claim” scheme so you pay for any repair work and then claim reimbursement for the covered components and agreed costs from Warranty Assist. No work is carried out without your authorisation first and confirmation from Warranty Assist of the repairs to be reimbursed. In the event that your selling dealer carries out the repair Warranty Assist will reimburse them directly for the work.

If the work is not covered you will still benefit from our approved network's garage discounts and savings.

Following completion of repairs you will need to pay Motor Angel.

Motor Angel will send the completed diagnosis, Paid Invoice and any supporting documents to Warranty Assist. You may be asked to send supporting documents for Warranty Assist to claims@epgwarrantyassist.com

Correctly submitted requests for reimbursement will be paid within 30 days of receipt.

The Warranty Assist Administration Department must receive requests for reimbursement within 30 days of the date of completion of the repairs. Requests for repair or reimbursement received beyond this date will have the reason for delay reviewed and it will be at our discretion to accept such requests.

Any cars repaired outside the Warranty Assist approved repairer network will not be considered.

Additional Options available for this Warranty prior to start date

  • Air-Conditioning (Compressor & drive clutch, condensor, evaporator, expansion valve, interior fan control switch, pressure & temperature sensors and receive / drier) - £250 Claim Limit
  • Handbrake (Drum Brake Self-Adjusting Mechanisms, Handle Control, Cables & Linkages) - £250 Claim Limit
  • Suspension (Busches, hydraulic pump, reservoir, regulator valve & pressure spheres, self levelling suspension actuators, shock absorbers, wishbones, control arms & connecting joints, road springs and wheel hubs) - £250 Claim Limit
  • Sat-Nav (Failure of Radio, CD/DVD or Satalite Navigation Equipment provided / fitted by Manufacture) - £250 Claim Limit
  • Emissions (Catalytic Converter, DPF Filter & EGR Valve) - £250 Claim Limit
  • Gradual Deterioration and Wear & Tear (Wear & Tear cover starts from day one, otherwise any part / component which has deteriorated due to the passage of time and not a sudden failure will not be covered until 30 days after warranty inception).
  • MOT Cover (Repair Cost of Insure Parts that have failed VOSA annual MOT Test, including Re-Test Fees) - £250 Claim Limit

These Additional Items are available on a per cost basis prior to start date